Why aren’t we angry about this?

So, this is happening.

I don’t know if this is an extension of the Clinton/Bush/Obama extensions of government power or if it’s a reaction to the Occupy Movement. Either way it’s bad news. The government does not use power wisely and it does not voluntarily give it up once it’s acquired it.

But this isn’t entirely new. After all, we’ve started assassinating American citizens without trial, so this isn’t that big of a jump. The real question is why aren’t people upset about this? Sure, the ACLU and constitution-huggers like me are mad. But this is the sort of thing that should have the entire nation in an uproar.

Perhaps we’re too complacent. We don’t have our everyday activities disrupted by illegal surveillance or the odd arrest of an innocent person. If this is the case, we might see a change in things. Occupy is not going away, and there are a lot of people involved directly with it or sympathetic to it. If this goes the way I’m thinking it will, we’ll see a lot more pissed off Americans. And that could lead to shit like this getting taken out. Of course, I’m an optimist at heart.


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