My name is Steven Olsen. Most of my writing appears at Carl Sagan’s Dance Party. Most of what I write is comedy. This blog however, will serve as an outlet for anything serious I wish to pontificate on, or is just too offensive to go on the comedy site I share with others.

Aside from being a humorist, I am also the current president of the Springfield Freethinkers; a group dedicated to bringing non-believers together to build friendships.

My day job is working at a retail chain that starts with a “B” and sells an antique information medium. I say that with a hint of irony as I am currently trying to get book(s) published in the traditional method. I won’t post too much on that because a) people get fired for the sorts of things that go on blogs and b) I am terrible about lying or keeping secrets, so the bosses would find out.

Currently my projects are to publish the completed book I wrote with Jess Whitson, finish the second one we wrote and begin writing a book on atheism with JT Eberhard. Between that and Springfield Freethinkers, I keep pretty busy.

In addition to posting on here as regularly as I can, I will cross-post the comedy pieces I help write over at CSDP. This should be fun. đŸ™‚


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